German Shepherds Or Rottweilers? Which Should I Buy?

Yes this is a question in the minds of most people when choosing between a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler.

The both dogs are great breeds of dogs and a must buy for dog lovers. They both function as security dogs and also pets depending on how you train them. Let’s take a look at them individually👇


These dogs are good for security reasons with their good sense of smell and great sense of hearing. Their fearless and would do anything to protect their guardian.

German Shepherds are very friendly dogs who love to play. They are great runners and run a lot during the day which also helps as a form of exercise so when buying a German Shepherd buy playing equipments for your dogs in order to make them agile and have a good body structure.

German Shepherd costs between 40,000 Nigerian naira-60,000 Nigerian naira for the table or straight back German Shepherd while it costs 70,000 Nigerian naira-120,000 Nigerian naira for the slant back German Shepherd.

The slant back German Shepherds are better at security than the table back but the table back is common because its easily affordable.


The Rottweilers popularly called rots is one of the best choice of security dogs. They are very friendly and also fierce. These dogs aren’t considered pet dogs and it would be a bad decision to buy such dog when you don’t stay at home for a long period of time(Eg You go to work by 8am and come back by 7pm leaving the dog all alone at home). Buying a Rottweiler would be a wrong decision if you fall into such category. Rottweiler’s are not friendly dogs unlike the German Shepherd.

Rottweilers costs between 70,000 Nigerian naira-120,000 Nigerian naira.

I hope you make the right choice and get one or both breeds for yourself. Comment box is open for more enquiries. See you next time. We would compare Pit bulls and Bull dogs.


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